100% Real dakshinavarti sankh

Rs. 150000/ US$ 3192 100% Real dakshinavarti sankh
Real Dakshinavarti shankh and big size is very rare item . It very rarley found and it is genuine , this sankh represent Goddess laxmi and it highly auspicious talisman in hindu shastra , it come with goddess laxmi at the time of churning the sea according to hindu mythology . It also remove all types of vastu dosh at your home or office and the person get abundance of wealth and can become multimillionaire in sort time and provide high level of success. Lord vishnu and goddess laxmi bless them the aquirer . This sankh is also healing ability . It also neutralise the bad effect of saturn or Sade sati .Genuine dakshinavarti sankh conch have teeth in beetween , it can seen clearly on conch .This sankh is energised with 1.25 lakh of laxmi mantra for its full effects .Size is approx 5 inches
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