Divya Mani

Rs. 195000/ US$ 4149 Divya Mani
This Divya mani is said be to belong to the the devtas ( Hindu GOD) We found this mani in Himalayas which is the place often visited by devtas . This divya mani has power to change the human life. As it belong to devtas , it hold supernatural power . Once acquired it provide us protection from all type of bad power ,tantra and mantra ,black magic effect surround us . It provide us name and fame . It has power to change enemies into friend . The person can become wealthy in very sort period . It open new sources of income .Help in meeting with rich and famous people for fast growth .Provide promotion and succesfull.Provide you high status in society . it also enhance attraction power. It also help in spiritual growth . It help providing deep meditation which help us to provide various type of sidhies and also help to attain moksha . Provide peace and harmony. Enhance memory and intuition power which help you know about what is good and what is bad for you . Make you successful in all sphere of life and help you to make you famous . We have only one piece available at this moment .
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