Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Rare and Round 100 % ORIGINAL

Rs. 650000/ US$ 13830 Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Rare and Round 100 % ORIGINAL
Ek mukhi Rudraksha round beads from nepal 100% original One of the most auspicious ,rare and powerful talisman rudraksha beads . The ek mukhi rudraksha beads round shape is most difficult to get as only 2 to 3 pieces is available each year throughout world . Ek mukhi is having power of Shiva itself and have following benefits 1. Have a power to make you renowned and famous . 2.Have a power to make you rich and multimillionaire . 3.Provide all types of sidhies available specially it effects directly on third eye chakra and activate it . 4.Person wearing the ek mukhi round gain tremendous attraction power so all people listen to wearer . Very good for politician and mass hypnotism. 5.Make you Mritunjaya means victory over akal mrityu . 6.Provide you good health . 7.Provide you moksha ( free from rebirth) 8.Enhance memory and make you sharp and cunning . 9.It will make a protection shield around so nobody can harm you anyway . 10.Destroy sins and past karma and make your soul pure 11.Give you peace of mind and concentration 12.Helps in removing psychotic and neurotic disorders 13.Enhance will power and intuition power which is needed in today in today world for to solve our day to day problems. Highly reccomend for People who want very high position in society , High position in Politician ,Film Actor or actress,for becoming world famous ,for winning any award .Person who want to become multimilionare. Only one piece available .Originality guaranteed . (Beware of fake one mukhi round as lot of people are selling fake beads)This come in pure gold capping pendant with 21 days puja ritual
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