Dev mani

Rs. 150000/ US$ 3192 Dev mani
Dev mani is a kind of magical pearl belong to Devta Hindu God . This powerful mani have magical virtues . We got this rare piece from himalayan range . It hold different types of power .Help you increase phychic abilities .Magical tranformation and activating various chakra in our body . Provide you various sidhies , Mind control, help you get highest status in society . Provide Healing power .Give you peace of mind and wishes will come tru . Enhance Attraction power and magnetism . Control others. It is very strong protection from all black magic and evil powers. Nobody can damage you when this is with you . Make you wealthy and rich in sort time .Open various sources of income . Have power to make you multimilionare .People will follow you and good for name and fame . GOD blessing will be with you always .
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