• Full Spectrum Outsourcing services for Multimedia and communication software
  • DVB, ATSC, OCAP, PVR, IPTV, Streaming
  • iPhone, RIM, J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android
  • Fault, Configuration, Performance, Security, Device Discovery
  • Fault, Configuration, Performance, Security, Device Discovery
  • Policy Server, Provisioning, Subscriber Management, Online web based systems
ichadhari mani red Rs. 135000/ US$ 2873
ichadhari mani stone red is a Symbolized of Rebirth, Wisdom, Miracle, The Appeal Of Charm, Love And Sexuality, Support The Progress Of Business, Prosperity, Charisma, Life Harmony, Society, Personal Magnetism, Power of Healing, Attracting Luck, Authority. Strength Grace, Long Life, The Power Of Imagination, Life Harmony, Charisma, Attract Money ,protect you from all evil power surround you. this mani is very rare and unique shape oval type weight around 100 gram ,oval shape , we make as silver pendant which you can wear around the neck easily .
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