Shri yantra

Rs. 9000/ US$ 192 Shri yantra
Exclusive sri yantra very well defined Geometrically. Usefull for Growth and success of family and business. Very Holy keeping at offices, business shop, temples and at home. Useful for Laxmi Yagnasand any tyoe of rituals Size - 10cm*10cm. Made of punchdatu(5metals), Superfine 24 carat Gold PLated. The importance of sri yantra can be traced to the ancient times when milky ocean ( KSHIRA SAGARA) was to be churned to procure AMRITA ( AMBROSIA) the mahameru mountain was used for churning the ocean Due to resplended beuty of his mountain all the divine and celestial being made this place their abode and the meru began to be worshipped as the lord wishnu himself by all those spiritually inclined We energised is in very special time to get the aquirer full effect f this Special Sri YAntra
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