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Power pearl of mount kailash Rs. 135000/ US$ 2873
This is the very powerful natural talisman found from the sidh yogi from Mt kailash ( place where the Lord shiva resides) It is said that the this talisman acquired by him in deep meditation from the Hindu devta , it is very rare item give the person all sort of comforts in human life , if anybody acquired this talisman it can change the person luck power and can change the person life forever .It also provide the acquirer sudden money and also help in winning any sort of lottery and gambling. Remove the depression . evil powers surround you , give you protection and abundance of wealth , enhance spiritual power , give peace and connectivity with all types f spiritual power available in this universe . Nobody can make damage to the person life if this talisman with him or her . Every time its available it will be different shape and size ,only one piece available in stock .
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