17 mukhi java rudraksha energised

Rs. 35000/ US$ 745 17 mukhi java rudraksha energised
This rudraksha from java give fruits of dharma , artha , kama . moksha , Wearer of this rudraksha lives with immense power and divine energy and magnetism , Get freedom from disease , losses , sadness and fears Give fulfillment of all desires growth in carrer and luck , Remove obstacles in path and give immense prosperity , Wearer of this rudraksha get immense wealth fulfillment of all matarialistic desires and freedom from all deseases THis rudraksha have healing power and can heal all type of chakras , desease , activate third eye and all chakras , This rudraksha will create a seven type of spiritual light like a rainbow in the body of wearer which help in increasing magnetism and attraction & illumination , Whatever you speak people witll listen that .Also give the wearer healing power.Energised and actiavted with powerful mantra size 20 mm
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