Nauchandi magical bracelet

Rs. 40000/ US$ 852 Nauchandi magical bracelet
his nauchandi bracelet activated with the very powerful secret mantra of nine form of goddess Chandi. The energisation and activation of the bracelet is done by very powerful Sidh yogi (Master) in Himalayan range with his spiritual power .Lot of herbal ingredients needed and ritual performed to make it activated and energised . It take 7 days to complete the procedure and after the procedure completed the bracelet is accompanied with divya shaktis (Divine powerful Angels Of Goddess) and it started moving from its place automatically . This bracelet have power to change your destiny .It can make you lucky and make you win lottery ,great luck in gambling ,horse racing and betting . This divine bracelet have power to make you rich and wealthy in sort time ,provide you promotion ,attraction in workplace .Open new sources of income ,enhance business and provide new venture and oppurtunities . Help you to clear debts and loans .All divya Shaktis of Goddess provide you protection from any troubles , mishaps , voodoo magic, black magic and any evil entities following you. Help you to connect with power of goddess .Just having this bracelet with you is enough to pour the Goddess blessing on you. Just after ordering send your complete name for to complete all energisation before sending .Despatch of order can take upto 10 days approx.
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