Shukra puja ritual for sexual problem

Rs. 28500/ US$ 607 Shukra puja ritual for sexual problem
According to Astrology Sukra (venus) governs sexual activity in our body .If shukra is malefic in any circumstances we have many types of sexual problems like low libido,premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction etc in men and similarly it also create many type of problem in woman . Shukra or planet venus also governs attraction power of our body . So shukra puja or ritual done for 5 days and the vedic mantra recited for specific times in the name of particular person to neutralise all bad effect of planet shukra . Many people already beneifitted from this puja ritual and improve their sexual life and enhance the attraction power . After placing order email us your full name and birth details, if you dont have birth details then provide us your picture.
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