Success luck and prosperity talisman yantra

Rs. 15000/ US$ 320 Success luck and prosperity talisman yantra
This talisman yantra help in getting success in all feilds . It  should be installed in safe place or prayer room or some safe place or work place for accomplishing success in any Task, Business, Profession and bring luck in any speculative  business.  By worshipping this Yantra, a person remove all blockage and  complications, problems, troubles and Obstacles. If you do one or more work simultaneously then this talisman power will help you to manage all . This Yantra bestows a person with Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Peace and Comforts of life. It protects a person from all kinds of Troubles, Failures, Evil Eye, Dangers and Diseases. A person attains Power & Authority, gets favours from Superiors, Fulfillment of Desires and Success in any new Venture if he worships this Yantra. The word Success luck and prosperity itself means that "All the Works of a person becomes fruitful".  We energised and activated this yantra talisman by following full tantrik procedure by doing abhisekam , mantra reciting and fire ritual . This 2d yantra solid and heavy for its full effect size is 3,x 3 inches .
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