Yakshini stone mani

Rs. 48000/ US$ 1022 Yakshini stone mani
Their are 8 main yakshini . They are 1. Sur sundari yakshini for for beuty and smartness .body building 2. Manoharani yakshini for attraction and sammohan 3. Kankavati yakshini for money and wealth 4. Kameshwari yakshini for sexual enhancment and vigour 5 Ratipriya yakshini for love making and attraction. 6. Padmini yakshini for prosperity promotion and money 7. Nati yakshini for all purpose 8 anuragini yakshini for all wishes come true This yakshini stone mani contain the power of all 8 yakshini and it is found in himalayan range and then its power activated by spiritual guru . It is 7 day puja . This stone is rarely found and at present one piece is available with us in stock .This stone has antique value of USd 1800 above
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