Dus mahavidya kavach

Rs. 13500/ US$ 288 Dus mahavidya kavach
Dus mahavidya is the ten powerful forms of tantrik devis , it is incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva . This form of the Goddess are described in the Todala tantra They are as follows, 1) MAha Kali 2) Tara 3) MAha tripura sundari ( Shodasi – Sri Vidya) 4) Bhuvneswari 5) Chinmasta devi 6) Bahairavi 7) Dhumavati 8) BAglamukhi 9) MAtangi 10) Kamala There are various ways this devis worshipped with the prescribed mantra and yantra . They are worshiped as the remedial astrological measure and they also worshipped by the tantrik for to attain various types of sidhis and for spiritual salvation . this kavach made with the very high level tantrik by doing tantrik ritual for all ten goddess and it so powerful to fulfill all desires of human being and give all comforts in life , give money and wealth , remove black magic and give high power protection in human life come in pendant form
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